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Orchid products are hand made in small batches in the UK

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Amp Interface


New Product


Amp Interface

To enable a previously recorded guitar signal in a studio to be fed into an instrument amplifer - with the output re-recorded to capture the sound of the amp and the room

£56.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

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Reviewed in Sound On Sound JAN 2014 edition:    Read review


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Acoustic Guitar Pre-amp

Originally custom built for Steve Knightley of Show Of Hands:

The production version of the Acoustic Pre-amp is now well established and in use by Steve Knightley and Phil Beer, Martyn Joseph, Seth Lakeman, Chris While and many other Musicians.

Microphone stand mounted for ease of use.

After a long period of production - a new cased version is available, in Oxford Blue - price - including VAT and delivery in the UK and Europe is 200.00

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Classic DI Box

After well over 20 years of continuous production of the original Orchid DI Box - we have produced a replacement. The well proven electronic design remains essentially the same - but is now housed in an extruded aluminium case.

In view of the long history of this design, the new model is to be known as our Classic DI Box.

Only £39.00 inclusive!

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Microphone Splitter

An 8 way Microphone Splitter is available housed in a shallow 2U high rack case

225.00 including VAT and delivery

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Mic Splitter
Contact Mic System

Designed for use with Microvox and other electret type contact microphones to amplify concertinas, accordians. melodeons. flutes and similar instruments. Powered from mixer Phantom supply - so no batteries needed.


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Transformer Isolator
Transformer Isolator
The input and output are completely isolated by a miniature high quality audio 1:1 ratio transformer.
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Custom Cables
Custom Cables

We can make up any audio cables to specification - over the years we have been able to establish which cables and connectors are the best for reliability and value for money. More info


 Orchid Product Review:

Our Classic, Micro and Muting DI Boxes are reviewed in the MAY 2012 edition of Sound On Sound magazine.

Orchid DI Boxes review PDF

There are plots of frequency response, noise and distortion and distortion against input level of the Orchid Micro DI Box directly compared to a Radial J48 DI available:

Audio Precision analyser plots

The excellent results and very favourable comments made in this exhaustive and independent review confirm what our many customers and long established users already know about about our products!

Muting DI Box

Unique Product - available from stock now!

An active DI Box - based on the established well proven circuitry of our Classic and Micro DI Boxes - this design has a silent, clickless, muting facility.

£64.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

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Balanced Microphone Muting Pedal



Mic Muting pedal

Footswitch muting of a balanced microphone signal is achieved with this product - silent and clickless

£68.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

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NEW simpler version now available:

56.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

Mic Mute - lite


Dual Channel Transformer Isolator


Dual channel version of our popular Transformer Isolator. Ideal for use with lap top computers for noise free music replay into a mixing desk.

38.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

XLR version: 40.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery



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Micro DI Box


Micro DI

A miniature DI Box designed for use in the Studio or on the Stage where a straight through path is all that is required. Phantom powered from the mixer.

£28.00 inclusive of VAT and delivery

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A Dual Channel version of the Micro DI Box is now available and is ideal for use with keyboards and other stereo sound sources

£46.00 inclusive of VAT and carriage

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