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From the 1st March 2023 - all sales and distribution will be handled by Showbitz, leaving us more time for

research and development, production and testing.

Showbitz:  01392 833893

e-mail:     sales@showbitz.co.uk

    Amp Interface

To enable a previously recorded guitar signal in a studio to be fed into an instrument amplifer - with the output re-recorded to capture the sound of the amp and the room.


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Classic DI Box

After well over 25 years of continuous production of the Orchid DI Box - we have produced a replacement. The well proven electronic design remains essentially the same - but is now housed in an extruded aluminium case.

In view of the long history of this design, the new model is to be known as our Classic DI Box.

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 Orchid Product Review:

Our Classic, Micro and Muting DI Boxes are reviewed in the MAY 2012 edition of Sound On Sound magazine.

Orchid DI Boxes review PDF

There are plots of frequency response, noise and distortion and distortion against input level of the Orchid Micro DI Box directly compared to a Radial J48 DI available:

Audio Precision analyser plots

The excellent results and very favourable comments made in this exhaustive and independent review confirm what our many customers and long established users already know about about our products!