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Microphone Splitter rack



Mic splitter

This product was designed as a cost effective way of splitting a microphone signal from stage or studio into 2 outputs. One is directly connected and will pass Phantom to ensure that capacitor microphones and DI Boxes will be correctly powered. The other output is transformer coupled, using a high quality miniature device achieving absolute isolation from the main path.

There is a recessed miniature toggle switch to disconnect, or 'lift' - the pin 1 connection to the isolated output - to preclude the possible formation of any hum loops.

The isolated output will block Phantom if this is applied - so no problems will occur, similarly this output can be short circuited with only a minimal drop in level on the main path (0.25dB) - should this happen.

Units sold so far have been used to split microphone signals between FOH (front of house) and monitor mixing desks and also to provide isolated outputs for recording and broadcast use.

They have been purchased by PA Companies, Mobile Recording Engineers and for Theatre shows - with most Customers placing repeat orders!

The rack case is a standard 2U size - but is of very shallow depth - 50mm. It is normally supplied with rack fixing screws - but may be fitted with flat end pieces on request, to act as a free standing "stage box".


8 input version in 2U rack case


UK price: £215.00 including VAT and delivery

24 way MIC Splitter

Due to the modular nature of this design, many custom variations are possible - the above photograph shows a stage box design with multipin connectors on the rear panel for use with multicore cables enabling speedy setting up.

It has 24 microphone inputs, with the main outputs on one LK85 male connector and the isolated outputs on another LK85. There are also 16 male XLR's on the front - these are wired to a female LK54 on the rear panel - for the amplifier and foldback return signals.



Orchid Electronics Microphone Splitter leaflet PDF