Repair Services
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1 What is a DI Box for?
2 Why use a DI Box?
3 What is Phantom Power?
4 Why Balanced Output?
5 Battery Drawer?
6 Why no earth lift switch?
Repair Services
Exeter workshop

We are able to offer repair and maintenance services on a wide range of audio equipment found on stage or in the studio.

This is usually only practical if the items can be brought to our workshop in Exeter - although it is possible to use parcel carriers for smaller items.

Mixing desks, Power amplifiers, FX units, Tape machines,
Guitar amplifiers and other equipment used by Musicians. A large stock of spare parts are held, including commonly used valves.

We are pleased and proud to announce that we have been appointed as an Official Service Centre for all out of warranty ALLEN & HEATH mixer products. Full back up for spare parts and information is provided to us direct from the Factory in Cornwall.

Please contact us for more information.

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