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Links and details of products & services supplied by us:
Show Of Hands Guitar Pre-amps, D.I.Boxes, Multicore and instrument cables, microphone splitters, equipment repair services
Martyn Joseph  

Guitar Pre-amp

Phil Beer DI's Boxes, cables and equipment repair services, Guitar Pre-amp, Custom 16 way Mic Splitter, Custom Foldback & PA speakers
Seth Lakeman Seth and Band enjoying great success - using Acoustic Pre-amp, DI's and Custom Bass Pre-amp
Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin Fantastic Duo - must be seen and heard live. Phil plays slide guitar and harmonica and Hannah plays banjo, guitar, fiddle and is a fine singer and songwriter

Jethro Tull

Martin Barre: - Custom FX units, Foot pedals & Soldano Decatone amp switching. Studio repair services.


David Goodier: - Muting DI Box

Ian Anderson: - Micro DI's & custom cables

Martin Barre Studio repair services, amplifier repairs, custom cables - see also Jethro Tull site
Amy Macdonald Mic Muting pedals - used on outputs of her instrument radio system
Chris While & Julie Matthews Guitar Pre-amp, keyboard modifications, DI Boxes and equipment repair services

Miranda Sykes

Custom dual channel acoustic pre-amp for her double bass
Exeter Phoenix Excellent Concert Venue - DI Boxes & repair services supplied by us
Steve Howe Rack mounting DI Boxes, Multicore cable systems and Studio repair services
Kate Rusby Damien O'Kane uses 5 x Orchid Muting DI Boxes and a custom input box in the band

Sola Sound

PA Hire Company - DI Box & repair services
AVLS Technical Services for live entertainment - DI Boxes
Ray Beavis Local Sax player - with an International reputation. Custom Sax belt pack.
Starfish Designs Beautiful Celtic Harps, Electric Fiddles, Violas, Cellos & Basses - custom DI Boxes supplied
Hewes Audio Live event production company based in Newton Abbot providing PA and other audio services
Beehive Studios Long established Recording Studio, near Bridgwater, Somerset - DI Boxes and repair services
Astral Sound PA hire company based in Gloucestershire - DI Boxes and repair services supplied
GLS Light & Sound Live Music Sound and Lighting - complete festival and tour services.
Levelsound Recording Studio, Music Publishing and Record Label
Seventh Wave Music Independent UK record label featuring the work of Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer
Amp Fix - John Beer WEM Copicat repair specialist
Fairport Convention Long established folk/rock Band
Exeter University Drama Site

D.I.Boxes,Multicore and instrument cables, equipment repair services

Karine Polwart

Singer and songwriter - DI Box and Acoustic pre-amp user

Sonic Violins

Traditional instruments with up to date electronics installed. Use with radio transmitters - or Orchid DI Boxes

Sound Gallery

DI Boxes, Amp Interface (Re-amp), Custom cables and studio services

Brian Preston

Folk Singer and Entertainer - uses an Orchid Acoustic Pre-amp and a novel custom mic splitter and switcher

Mark Tucker Very experienced Recording Engineer and Producer. Full range of music and film services available
Millstone Ceilidh Band Ceilidh Band based in the NW of England
Mark Waistell Singer songwriter based in Devon - uses an Orchid Acoustic Pre-amp
Broken Records

European Folk/Modern Scottish Alternative Band - based in Edinburgh. Orchid DI Box users.

The Loose Cannons

Rather excellent 12 piece Devon based band playing an intoxicating variety of music!

Custom Orchid product users

Chris Wood

BBC Folk Award 2009 Singer and album of the year.

Custom Orchid product user


Brilliant reading resource site - run by my wife!


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